domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday, we had a photo scavenger hunt around Seville. We got into groups and received a list of several different locations in Seville. The locations that were farther from the school were worth more points.

A map was a must-have for this competition so I went to a tourism office to get the map. I heard that they disliked Americans there so I was already worried before entering. When I asked the lady for a map of Sevilla, she kept repeating the word “Sevilla” and mocking my accent. After she asked where I was from and I told her she handed me the map and looked down right away, saying nothing else even after I said “gracias.”

After mapping out our route on the very coveted map, my team headed to the first stop, the Plaza de Espana. The building was huge and it was surrounded by a moat where people were renting kayaks. There were mosaics for all the major cities in Spain around the outside and two huge towers on the ends. It is impossible to take a picture of the whole building because it is so wide.

After we took our picture by the plaza, we went to the American Plaza, where there were hundreds of pigeons. A worker there kept on insisting that we buy food and she seemed like she was getting mad that we did not listen, but I did not have any Euros with me so we ignored her. Even without the food, the pigeons were happy to land on my back and go in my hand. 

"Metropol Parasol"
My favorite place that we visited is a huge wooden structure that forms several squares. In English, it is called the "Metropol Parasol," and the construction was just completed in April. 

Overall, we walked for about six hours on Saturday to several awesome places that I will hopefully be able to visit in more depth as the semester continues. Our team was only one picture away from first place, but I was more excited that I now know my way around the city very well and I do not feel too bad that we lost because the team that won took the busses to several of the places instead of walking so they obviously wanted it more. 

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