jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Fútobol and a lot of Ice Cream

Wednesday and Thursday were busy and fun-filled days. After class on Wednesday, we had a program called "Encuentro," a bilingual worship service at the same church I attended on Sunday. Some of the songs were in English, others were in Spanish and some were both. It was nice to worship in our native tongue for a change as well as practice more Spanish.

After "Encuentro," Mark and I went to a play soccer with some guys who invited us a few days before. They claimed that it would be a laid back game, but when we got there it looked like a pretty intense match. There were eight guys, most of whom were native Spaniards.After I joined the game, they slowed  down, but I still managed to embarrass myself quite a few times with my inferior soccer skills. 

Isabel, our Señora, continues to make us laugh daily. During Wednesday's lunch, she took out a jar from the refrigerator and handed it to me. "Un hombre fuerte," she said, (which means " a strong man') and motioned for me to open it. 

Thursday night was exciting as well. We had "Noche de Chicos," (guys night) which was funny because when it was originally planned I am sure they expected more than three guys. For guy's night, Katie, the program director, took us out to eat for ice cream and said we could get any size we wanted. Mark took this very seriously and ordered a huge banana split. 

When we finished the ice cream, we rented a boat and rode it along the river. I took the lazy  man's seat and got to sit while the other guys paddled the boat, which was perfectly fine with me. We had an hour to paddle down the river and back. The only thing that disturbed our peaceful ride was the big tour boats that honked at us and sent some big waves our way. 

When we got in our fill of man time, the girls joined us for going out to dinner with our tour guides from last week. We got a few large plates to share along with our own personal plates. Personally, I went with the swordfish which ended up being a great choice and one of what I am sure to be many experiences with seafood here.

Next, we went out for frozen yogurt. I do not think our tour guide knew that us guys had already went out for ice cream before, but we were not about to turn down free frozen yogurt. I justified my second trip in only a few hours by ordering kiwi as one of the toppings,  a healthy addition to the chocolate sauce and candies that went along with it.

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