sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Learning the City

On Thursday, I really got to know what it is like to live in Seville. I had my first taste of fish, the most common food in a Spanish diet. The fish was in "la familia de un tiburón," or in the shark family. Isabel began the meal's conversation by telling us all the different names they have for drunk people, which ended up being about six different names.

If there is one custom here that I wish I could follow forever, it would have to be the siesta. Lunch time here is not until 2:30 but after the meal, we have nap time. It is perfect because it is right during the hottest part of the day and also the time when everyone is most tired. Most of the stores even close during the siesta, which lasts until about five.

 On Thursday and Friday I cut my siesta short to go running, but I still felt incredibly well-rested after waking up. Running can get boring in the same area over and over but now I have a whole new city to explore in a completely different country. I now look forward to running every day. Since I am terrible at directions, I am a little afraid of getting lost, but I am slowly learning my way around and venture a little farther from the river by our house every day.

Thursday night, we went on a tour where we saw a lot of Seville's beautiful buildings, sculptures, and fountains. Our tour guide spoke really fast and it was the hardest time I had understanding anyone here yet. However, she still showed us a lot of awesome places that I will definitely visit again. One of the coolest places was the Seville Cathedral, the third largest one in the world. The cathedral is also where Christoper Columbus buried.

On Friday, we signed up for our classes which start on Monday and then we went back to the school at night. We went to the school for pizza, but while we were waiting we did a "speed dating" game where we had to talk to someone different every two minutes. Naturally, I already knew most of the ladies but it was good to talk to them more.

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  1. Brian, I, too, LOVED running in Sevilla! Make sure you check out El Parque de María Luisa! It is so pretty! I happened upon it on a run one day and ran there all the time! (It's really close to the Plaza de España if you haven't been there before.)