miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Making the Trip

At 5:00 PM I stepped on a plane to begin what is sure to begin what is sure to be a great adventure- a semester of classes in Seville, Spain.

I started the flight off on bad terms with the lady next to me because I did not notice my backpack was in her face while I was putting my other bag in the overhead compartment. She gave me a glare but I knew she forgave me later in the trip when she offered me her cheesecake that she did not want. 

After a long flight with little sleep, the 20 of us made it to Madrid. It was now 1:30 am back home, but here the day was just beginning, which really threw  off our schedules. The airport there was fancy; it had several  stores and some very smooth floors that some of us used to entertain ourselves by sliding back and forth.

Four hours of waiting later, we got on our plane to Seville. I fell asleep on that plane before we even took off and I did not wake up until a stewardess told me we were landing. 

With luggage collected, the group took its first steps on Spanish soil (besides the airport) and it was great to almost be done traveling. Three leaders of the Semester in Spain program greeted us and we began the short trip to the city. 

One by one, the girls were dropped off and greeted by their Señoras. At each stop, everyone remaining on the bus crowded around the windows to watch everyone's first attempt at the Spanish greeting, going to each cheek and making the kissing sound without actually making contact. 

I was on the final stop along with Mark and Luke, the only other guys in the program. We met our Señora, Isabel, and she walked us to our home for the next few months.

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